The Residential Computing Consultants (RCCs) in the IS&T Helpdesk provide a variety of support services to student living in the dorms and FSILGs at MIT.

  • General computing questions: As an extension of the IS&T Help Desk, RCCs can assist with some general computing questions or pass them onto the main Help Desk if we are unable to solve the issue. Submit a general help request here.

  • Printer Support: RCCs can provide some limited support of Athena/Pharos and personal printers. Make a request for help on our help request page

  • Wired and wireless network problems: The primary focus of RCCs' work is in troubleshooting and escalating problems on both the wired and wireless networks. These kinds of problems include, but are not limited to: frequent disconnects, poor speeds, and inability to connect to the network. Please see our wireless and wired pages for more information. Make a request for help on our help request page.

  • Assigning Hostnames/Static IP Addresses: Within the dormitories, RCCs are responsible for managing hostname/static IP address assignments. We can create, move, rename and alias hostnames for you. More information is available on our IP address request page.

  • "Internet of Things" and browserless devices: Not all network-enabled devices such as game consoles, VoIP phones, dev boards, and network-attached hard drives can register for MITnet access since they do not have a web browser. RCCs can manually register these devices if provided the MAC address via our registration request page.

  • Providing Ethernet Cables: IS&T provides 25 foot Ethernet cables for all students residing in dormitories both graduate and undergraduate. Cables can normally be picked up in the IS&T Walk-in Support Center in Building E17 or dropped off by an RCC in your dorm or living in one nearby.

  • Television: The recommended delivery method of television is an internet-based televsion service by Comcast called Xfinity On Campus. You can watch TV from your laptop, desktop, or mobile devices while connected to the MIT network. More information can be found on the Xfinity On Campus website and in the Knowledge Base.

    • Additionally, Cable TV by coaxial cable or digital IPTV set-top boxes is availble in selected dorms from MIT Cable. For more information, see IS&T's cable page here.